Esp32 ble beacon

For a quick introduction to BLE, you can watch the video below, or you can scroll down for a written explanation. Unlike Bluetooth that is always on, BLE remains in sleep mode constantly except for when a connection is initiated. This makes it consume very low power. BLE consumes approximately x less power than Bluetooth depending on the use case. Additionally, BLE supports not only point-to-point communication, but also broadcast mode, and mesh network. View Image Souce. For example, BLE is of great use in healthcare, fitness, tracking, beacons, security, and home automation industries.

With Bluetooth Low Energy, there are two types of devices: the server and the client. The ESP32 can act either as a client or as a server. The server advertises its existence, so it can be found by other devices, and contains the data that the client can read. The client scans the nearby devices, and when it finds the server it is looking for, it establishes a connection and listens for incoming data.

This is called point-to-point communication. Understanding this hierarchy is important, because it will make it easier to understand how to use the BLE and write your applications. The top level of the hierarchy is a profile, which is composed of one or more services. Usually, a BLE device contains more than one service. Every service contains at least one characteristic, or can also reference other services. You can check here other defined services.

The characteristic is always owned by a service, and it is where the actual data is contained in the hierarchy value.

The characteristic always has two attributes: characteristic declaration that provides metadata about the data and the characteristic value. Additionally, the characteristic value can be followed by descriptors, which further expand on the metadata contained in the characteristic declaration. The properties describe how the characteristic value can be interacted with.

Basically, it contains the operations and procedures that can be used with the characteristic:. An UUID is a unique bit 16 bytes number. For example:. In summary, the UUID is used for uniquely identifying information. For example, it can identify a particular service provided by a Bluetooth device. To follow this example, you need two ESP32 development boards.

The following code should load:. View raw code. In the setupit starts the serial communication at a baud rate of You can change this name to whatever you like. Then, you set the characteristic for that service. After creating the characteristic, you can set its value with the setValue method. You can change this text to whatever your like. In future projects, this text can be a sensor reading, or the state of a lamp, for example. This is just a simple example on how to create a BLE server.Did you use this instructable in your classroom?

Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. BLE Bluetooth Low Energy signal is very common for current digital device, mobile phone, wrist band, iBeacon, assets tag.

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This signal not only help you pair up the devices, it also can report the device status, such as battery level, heart rate, motion walking, running, fallingtemperature, panic button, anti-loss It is a valuable big data for location tracking if we can collect the BLE signal at certain number of position.

In long run, the BLE scanner should fix in selected position. However, selecting a right place require trial and error. A tiny wireless BLE scanner is handy to help you check where is the right place. Any small container should be ok, I have some tiny TicTac box in hand and it just fit an ESP32 board in it, what a coincidence!

ESP32 peak current is around mA. For not drawing over 1C current at anytime, Lipo Battery should over mAh capacity. In program process, it also require a ESP32 Development Dock, you may find how to make it in my previous instructables:. It is the most difficult soldering work in this project, the pin width in ESP32 board is only 1.

Fortunately, Vcc and EN pin is nearby, it can direct soldering resistor between both pin without wire.

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The program scan BLE signal for 30 seconds, then deep sleep seconds and then scan again. For each loop, it consume around 3.

Question 8 months ago on Step Question 9 months ago on Introduction. It would be cool to make it server-less. I mean webserver hosted on ESP32 with static ip. What do u think? Reply 11 months ago. I think IoT in most case require some sort of server. Imagine you have ten of them in an area, it is time consuming to access the data one by one. I get this error when flashing from Arduino after following your instructions, any ideas? Exception was unhandle d. Reply 1 year ago.

Please post your code! I am looking to do something similar by logging bt scans to csv on sd card. Hi, Thank you for sharing this project.Have you ever wondered that, when you connect a Bluetooth device to your mobile phone how it automatically understands that the connected device is a computer or audio device or a mobile phone? For some devices our phone might even automatically shows the battery percentage of the connected device on the notification bar. How does all this happen on their own?

There should be some common protocol shared between the phone and the Bluetooth device right! Unlike Classic Bluetooth in ESP32 the BLE operates only when a communication is activated and stays in sleep mode otherwise, this makes it the right choice for battery powered applications. BLE can also form mesh networks and act as Beacons. Here we have divided the complete ESP32 Bluetooth into three segments for ease of understanding.

Before going into detail we will understad few terminologies related with Bluetooth Low Energy. When working as a server the BLE can only provide data it cannot initiate a connection. Example would be a fitness band. A Server could send information only if the client requests for it. Each Server will have one or more Service within it and similarly each service will have one or more characteristics associated with it. A Characteristic may have zero, one or more than one Descriptor inside it.

An example would be your mobile phone. Note that most BLE hardware devices can work as server and as client, it the software that decides the role of the device.

esp32 ble beacon

The Central Device can connect to all peripheral devices at the same time, but the peripheral device can connect only to the Central Device, this way no two peripheral device can share data among each other. A best example for Central device will be our smart Phones and for Peripheral device will be our Bluetooth earphone or fitness bands.

How to Use Bluetooth(BLE) With ESP32

It can be considered as a one way communication. Here the server keeps on advertising data expecting a server to receive it. Again there are two types of UUID. So GATT was the answer to our previous question. The technique using which two BLE device should send data to and forth is defined by the concept called services and characteristics. So every Service will have one or more characteristics under them. Where does the programmer get this UUID from? Initially when you pair it with your phone, your phone identifies it as an audio device and also displays the battery level on the status bar.

So, for this to happen the audio player has to somehow tell your phone that it is willing to share the battery level and the percentage of charge it has in it battery. The common function performed by a characteristic is Read, Write, Notify and Indicate. A Descriptor normally specifies how to access a Characteristic. BLE Beacon: A Bluetooth Beacon is more like a proximity switch which performs some pre-defined action when the user gets into a range close proximity.

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It advertises its identity all the time and hence is ready to pair always. BLE I am still sceptical about this thing, but you can think of it as a piece of software on the client side that informs the server to turn notification On or Off this will help us in saving power.

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Hope you got a rough idea, the good is that we need not know much since all the handwork is already done for us though the libraries. The project requires no hardware set-up but make sure you have added ESP32 board details on your Arduino IDE and have tried minimum sample blink program to check if everything is working as expected.

You sceptical on how to do it you can follow the Getting started with ESP32 with Arduino tutorial to do the same. Also to test the BLE services we will be using the nRF android application on our mobile which can be directly downloaded from the PlayStore. It is also available in Itunes Store for Iphone users.

If you are planning to work with BLE for a long time, this application will really come in handy for debugging purposes.

By this time I assume that you have a fair idea on what GATT service and how it is implemented using Service and characteristic models.Espressif Systems is a fabless semiconductor company providing cutting-edge low power WiFi SoCs and wireless solutions for wireless communications and Internet of Things applications.

Skip to content. BLE-only power consumption. I have disabled the Wifi from menuconfig, but the device still heats up while running BLE examples both esp-idf and Arduino.

As far as I can see in the examples, the only sleep mode currently implemented is the deep sleep mode, which is too costly to wake up from times a sec it's almost a full reset. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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I think my question should be rephrased: Is the Bluetooth hardware able to operate in low-power mode? Currently only the BTDM mode is supported, which I suspect may be the reason for high power consumption. I have some experience with nRF51, which is what I unconsciously compare everything against. Disclaimer: I'm not working for or affiliated with Nordic There is much more hardware included in the ESP32, and I hope that it will become flexible enough to be competitive with dedicated solutions in terms of energy efficiency.

Classic and LE simultaneous doesn't consume much more juice than LE by itself. But I suspect you knew this all- that was for the rest of the forum to learn a little bit where they might not understand the conversation. Where much of the consumption and the "warm" both of us have observed I agree, Deep Sleep is probably too disruptive to use for anything either of us are working on Since we both appear to be doing LE related stuff However, according to this conversation: viewtopic.

Sounds like where most of the power gains are going to be obtained without doing Deep Sleep. Makes sense.

esp32 ble beacon

Have one semi-idle, handling things like WiFi and BT, the events there are in tenths of a second to seconds apart for most anything battery powered. The CPUs would mostly sit quietly and wait to be woke up to full speed.

Which can be as much as MHz for both cores. I can imagine that those cores are eating juice like candy comparatively.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information.

ESP32でLINE Simple Beaconを2000円弱で作ってみた

Can any one tell what is wrong? Learn more. Ask Question. Asked 5 months ago. Active 5 months ago.

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Viewed times. Jjeong Liang Jjeong Liang 1 1 1 bronze badge. Active Oldest Votes. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. The Overflow Blog. The Overflow How many jobs can be done at home? Featured on Meta. Community and Moderator guidelines for escalating issues via new response…. Feedback on Q2 Community Roadmap.Using beacons for push notifications, coupon delivery and presence detection is fairly straightforward.

There are a number of things both from the software development side, and the beacon placement aspect that you need to take into account. That being said, with careful preparations it is possible to reach metres positioning accuracy also with Bluetooth beacons. Determining location for beacons. A Bluetooth beacon has no location intelligence built into it.

Like their name gives away — they are like lighthouse beacons transmitting Bluetooth signal around them, expecting nearby smart devices to pick it up and understand its meaning. Depending on whether you utilize the iBeacon, Eddystone protocol or some other protocol, your beacons will be either transmitting their UUID, major and minor values or their namespace and instance IDs. In order to turn these values into real-world coordinates, you need to assign each of these beacons physical coordinates either inside your app, or in an external database.

Upon comparing the received signal values with your registered beacons and their coordinates, you will be able to get the first, rough position estimate through the RSSI. The longer the distance is, the lower the RSSI signal is. In order to understand that, you need to have a line-of-sight to three or more beacons, and compare the RSSI values to each of them.

When the beacons are well placed, the calculation pintpoint you to one specific location within the room. Like the term says, you do need a minimum of three beacons for deducting accurate position.

One exception to this are narrow corridors or other situations, where you may be able to calculate position between two beacons.

ESP32 iBeacons

Kalman filters. Unfortunately, even with the best beacon models there are irregularities in the transmitted signal, and it can be further affected by unwanted noise. Therefore, a common solution is to add a set of filters and algorithms on top of the trilateration calculation. Shortly said, Kalman filters are an algorithm that considers the history of the measurements into account.

With them a lot of the position jumping can be ceased. If you are using the Proximi. In nutshell, Proximi. Our libraries handle all the logic for beacon positioning, triangulation and filtering automatically in the background. Important things to keep in mind, when utilizing Proximi. We recommend linking a detailed floor plan for each floor to assist you in the placing process.

BLE Beacons. While you are adding them, keep in mind that only beacons within the same department are used in the trilateration calculation. If you are aiming to achieve accurate location, add the beacons in the same room or area always under the same department. Selecting hardware.

esp32 ble beacon

We highly recommend you to review the technical specifications before making any decisions. Regarding the protocol you utilize, you can use any of the available options for positioning.

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However, if you utilize Proximi. We recommend you to place them somewhere visible, obstacles made of iron and other heavy material can cause disturbance.The ESP32 module supports both classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy BLEthe classic Bluetooth can be used to transfer songs or files and the BLE option can be used for battery optimized applications like Bluetooth beacons, fitness bands, proximity advertisements etc.

Both the modes have been discussed in our previous ESP32 Tutorials :. The screen looks like below. This will start searching for the available iBeacons. Here in this screen, the RSSI is You can change local name in the sketch.

These values will keep on changing if you move one of the devices. But we have slightly edited this sketch in this tutorial, the complete edited version of the sample program is given at the end of this tutorial.

Now there is a slight modification in the code which is done in this tutorial. The ESP32 Name will also be updated in this sketch. This is a time library to get the current system time. Along with this, the deep sleep library is included for ESP The library will be used to send ESP32 in deep sleep mode for a defined period of time.

Define the sleep duration for ESP Here the ESP32 will be in deep sleep for duration of 10 seconds and it will advertise and then again go to deep sleep for 10 seconds. In simple words we are saving the time in static memory from dynamic memory to recover it again after a deep sleep. Here the two variables are defined. The definition is done as follows. Also the UUID is defined. The UUIDs can be generated from this link. Set the flag as 0x04 so that it will output BrEdrNotSupported in the scanner.

Begin the serial monitor at baud rate and get the time. Also increment the bootcount to store the number of Resets. Create a BLE device and name it as you want. Note that the, the names can be long but this version of code has started the support for long names. You will find ESP32 as iBeacon broadcast as shown in the below picture:.

If you want to know more about iBeacon then follow our previous tutorial on HM10 as iBeacon.

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